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Welcome to the Bluffdale Utah Stake Supplemental Website
This website is used to post Stake news and information.  We are open to suggestions for links and content that will assist Stake members.
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        Seminary Registration
Self Reliance Registration Form
Missionary Contact Information
- Spanish Speaking: 385-414-6707
- Portuguese Speaking: 385-233-1575
- English Speaking: 385-529-1643
Temple Recommend Interviews
Stake Temple Recommend interviews are being held in person.  If you need a remote meeting, please contact Brian Cain.
Sundays: 1:30pm-3:00pm  (Except Family Sunday)
Family Sundays for 2023: 
Feb. 5, Mar. 12, Apr. 9, May 14, June 18
Appointments for the stake presidency may be scheduled by calling Brother Brian Cain.  His phone number is 801-831-9158.  Please do not call after 10:00 pm or on Monday evenings.
Building Addresses
BB - Bluffdale Building (14400 South Redwood Road)
SC - Stake Center (2742 West 14400 South)
Sage - Sage Building (14294 Loomis Parkway)
Ward Sacrament Meeting Schedules
When possible, Church members should strive to attend Church meetings in person. Accordingly, the Zoom links for Sacrament and other Ward meetings have been removed from this site.  If your situation is such that you are unable to attend Church in person, please counsel with your Bishop and together determine whether attending these meetings virtually will align with the direction he is given in the Church’s general handbook.
Bluffdale 3rd Ward (9:00am)
Bluffdale 7th Ward (9:00am)
Bluffdale 11th Ward (9:00am)
Bluffdale 2nd Ward (10:30am)
Deer Mountain Ward (10:30am)
Bluffdale 12th Ward (10:30am)
Bluffdale 4th Ward (Noon)
Bluffdale 6th Ward (Noon)
Sage Ward (Noon)
* (Video) Stake Adult Fireside - Bro. Burrup speaking on Anxiety
Anxiety Slides/PowerPoint
This site is not an official LDS site
Administrative Contact: Daniel Thornley
* (Video) Stake Women's Conference - Seek & Expect Miracles - Vanboerums
** Life Skills Class Registration Form - for seniors in high school
Bluffdale Stake Women's Fireside
5/7 Sunday 7pm: All women age 14 this year and older @ Bluffdale Stake Center
    Guest Speaker - Brooke Romney